Save Time on Your Airline Travel – Welcome to the Age of Necessity Where Less is Best

Thanks to recent events around the world, it is becoming a necessity to travel light. Rising costs in fuel for airline companies mean that they are passing more and more of these costs onto us the traveler. You’ve probably noticed that prices for baggage you check in have been steadily increasing and as they always say, what goes up must come down, except for prices. Other events, such as terrorist related activities, have also made airline travel increasing difficult and time consuming. I’ve always traveled light and encourage others to do so as well.

Pack only what you need. Why travel light? It saves time, money and avoids any unnecessary hassle. Do you enjoy lining up at customs as they check, x-ray and then examine every piece of luggage? I know I don’t and it is nothing more than a huge waste of my valuable time. How can you make sure that you travel light and only take what you need? Simple. If you can buy whatever it is that you want to pack at your new destination, then don’t pack it, buy it after you arrive at wherever you are going. This means the only absolutely essential items you need to take with you are your travel documents, a passport, a toothbrush, towel and some basic clothes for at least the first few days. If you can’t fit everything you need into one carry-on bag then you are over packed and need to seriously reconsider what you are taking.

You’ll be amazed at just how much time you can save by packing light. You won’t be checking bags in and out. You won’t be lining up after you arrive like everyone else waiting for the conveyor belt to bring your luggage around. There’s no chance that you’ll grab someone else’s bag by mistake or that someone will take yours by mistake. There’s no chance the airline will mess up and put your bag on the wrong flight. Customs will let you pass without as much of a blink as an eye and you’ll be on the road shortly after you land in almost no time. If your time is as important to you as my time is to me, then you’ll understand what I mean. We are entering the age of the essential, where excess is bad and less is more. Pack only what you need and nothing else. Your time schedule and wallet will thank you.

Become an Airline Travel Agent – 5 Helpful Hints to Becoming the Best Airline Travel Agent Ever!

Experience is the most valuable tool you could ever use as an airline travel agent. Sure, years and years of sitting at a desk making travel arrangements for clients can pass as experience. Knowing how to do the job is half the battle. BUT, knowing how to do the job well is the other, more important half. In this article you will find some helpful hints that may help you uncover the mystery of how these agents can be so successful.

Hint #1: Get your education!

Applicants who have the proper training in this field are more likely to be considered for a position. Community colleges, online colleges, and even some four year universities offer training programs that are essential to your future success as an airline travel agent.

Hint #2: Start traveling!

It’s one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself. The experience of actually visiting a popular travel destination is always better to have then the textbook facts alone.

Hint #3: Fly on every airline possible!

Experience the pros and cons of various airlines. You learn which ones offer the best rates and which airlines are infamous for running behind schedule. These are just some examples but there are several other helpful things you take from each airline experience. As an airline travel agent, you can then pass these on to your clients.

Hint #4: Visit every airport possible!

The more airports you have traveled through, the better. Try walking through them to find out what types of restaurants and shops exist there. Dine at these restaurants and shop at these stores. Check out the directories. The more personal experience you have with these airports, the more valuable you become as an airline travel agent.

Hint #5: Learn to multi-task!

As an agent, your job can get stressful. Dealing with several clients and basically making all of their travel plans can get quite hectic. You need to be able to handle a variety of tasks all at once. The pressure is on, but if you can learn to do it, the possibilities are endless.